Freestyle Libre Patches

The Freestyle Libre Sensor on the upper arm or abdomen helps you to quickly check your blood glucose. More grip in everyday life offer fitting Freestyle Libre patches, which fix the small devices even more securely.


For our Freestyle Libre fixation patches, we use Kinesiotape from well-known manufacturers. Kinesiotape is originally a healing elastic plaster, which is similar to human skin in terms of its stretching ability. Now, however, it is no secret, especially in diabetes circles, that these fixation tapes do a very good job of fixing blood glucose sensors, catheters, and patch pumps.

Our Freestyle Libre Patches

Want to wear your fixation tape in a color that matches your sensor?

Take a look at our Freestyle Libre stickers. There are designs for every occasion and every age group.

Skin-friendly tapes for even more support Skin-friendly tapes for even more support

The Freestyle Libre patches from Diasticker were specially developed to attach your Freestyle Libre sensor even better and safer to your body. Because especially in everyday life it can happen that you lose the little helpers involuntarily: A bump on the door frame, the safety belt in the car or the strap of the handbag – the list of potential situations to tear off your Freestyle Libre sensor is long. More support and additional protection are provided by skin-friendly fixation patches in the right size for your measurement sensor.

Skin friendly and breathable

Made from kinesiotape, which was originally used in physiotherapy, the fixation plasters are very elastic. This makes them easy to apply and also remove without residue. The fixation plasters consist mainly of cotton. This makes them very skin-friendly and breathable.

The anti-allergic adhesive*, which is located on the back of the Freestyle Libre fixation patch, lasts up to ten days depending on the stress. So your sensor stays in place even when sweating in warm temperatures.

Haltbarkeit der Freestyle Libre Pflaster
Freestyle Libre 2 Fixierung Fixerband Halter Rosa

Our Range of Fixation Patches

Depending on the blood glucose meter with matching sensor, we offer you here a large selection of different designs, shapes and sizes. In addition to beige and black, you can choose between muted or more striking colors. So you decide whether you want to put the sensor skillfully in the scene or rather fix it discreetly.

An Overview of the Freestyle Libre Patches

Antiallergic adhesive*
Skin friendly and breathable
XL variants with split back for easy application
various colors and designs
Good adhesion, even when wet – up to 10 days!
removable without residues

water resistant
perfect fit for the Freestyle Libre sensor

*Caution: Although acrylate adhesive is a hypoallergenic adhesive, the patches should not be used if you have a known “patch allergy” (polyacrylate adhesive).

Fixierungspflaster für Freestyle Libre LibreProtect

Fixation Tape Variations

  • Freestyle Libre Ringtape
    light hold, 2 – 4 days, discreet look, large color selection, sensor is exposed (decorate it with a Sticker!)
  • Freestyle Libre Ringtape XL
    strong hold, 4 – 7 days, 4 colors, sensor is exposed (decorate it with a Sticker!)
  • Overpatch
    medium hold, 3 – 5 days, complete coverage
  • Overpatch XL
    strong hold, 4 – 7 days, 4 colors, complete coverage
  • Flower Tapes
    light hold, 2 – 4 days

Secure support for your CGM sensor

Perfectly tailored for your Freestyle Libre sensor strengthens the fit of the small button. Because the tape can be easily removed, you can change it at any time and thus wear your sensor even safer, e.g. when swimming or doing sports.

Due to its elasticity, the Freestyle Libre fixation tape adapts to the skin. This allows you to move freely without losing the sensor. The small device is also safe from shocks or when playing with others or your children, thanks to the fixation tape the next time.

Haltbarkeit der Freestyle Libre Pflaster
Wasserfeste Fixierungspflaster

The durability of the fixation tapes varies depending on the skin condition, everyday life and water contact. With rather oily skin, the patch may come off earlier than with drier skin. Other conditions such as frequent changing, showering, creaming, restless sleep, or the like can also affect the wearing time. 

There are diabetics, with whom the tapes also hold the complete sensor wearing time, with others again fewer days.
Therefore, the specified wearing duration is a guide, but this duration can not be guaranteed for the above reasons.