Dexcom G6 Accessories

Our Dexcom G6 accessories transform your diabetes equipment into stylish eye-catchers. Our Dexcom G6 stickers are printed and cut to fit perfectly. We also offer Dexcom G6 fixation patches, pouches, and screen protectors for your Dexcom reader.

Our Dexcom G6 Products

Dexcom Fixierbänder
  • antiallergic adhesive
  • 30% more adhesive than commercially available patches/tapes
  • perfect fit for your Dexcom transmitter
  • 97% cotton, 3% nylon 6/12, low moisture absorption
  • good adhesion, even in wet conditions and extreme loads
  • 3 – 5 days hold (depending on stress and water contact)

Dexcom G6 Accessories – Individual and Practical

The technical progress leads to the fact that we carry our tools always visible with us. So it is obvious to decorate them according to your mood. Customize your diabetic supplies according to your preferences, current occasions or simply to match your clothing. It’s easy with our Dexcom accessories: whether glitter stickers, pockets or with different fixation options, such as our popular fixation patches for the Dexcom G6

The Dexcom fixation strap made of skin-friendly flexible plastic was manufactured using the 3D printing process. It encloses the sensor and thus protects it from external influences. The tape is perfect if you suffer from a plaster allergy (and thus can not additionally fix the sensor with kinesiotape) or the Dexcom patches you just do not provide enough support. But beware: It does not replace the conventional plaster!

Dexcom G6 Sticker Features

Our Dexcom stickers are all printed on high quality outdoor vinyl film. They are provided with a special lamination. So you shine not only beautiful, they also withstand long swimming pool and sauna visits without any problems. The colors shine until the next change. All Dexcom transmitter and reader stickers are also UV resistant and scratch resistant.

   Water resistant and UV resistant vinyl film
   Vibrant colors
   Long durability
   Scratch resistant surface
   Reusable (receiver sticker)

For more information about the Dexcom measurement system visit directly the manufacturer’s page of Dexcom.

All Dexcom stickers are optionally available with an extra display protection for the visible display. So you not only decorate your Dexcom, you also protect it for scratches and damages. The reader stickers can be reused several times. So you can change them at will and adapt them to your mood or even to your clothes. Just peel them off your Dexcom receiver as carefully as possible.

And let’s be honest? Changing the transmitter is much more fun when you can choose from many different motifs!

Stickers are available for the Dexcom versions G4, G5 and G6.

Dexcom Sticker Receiver G6
Displayschutz Dexcom G6