Armloop Fixation – Frost green and dots

Made in Germany
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Armloop Fixing band – Frost
green and dots
Sensor or pump simply and safely protected!

Custom-made sensor protection with two silicone straps

The upper bracelets from Diasticker are individually made according to your arm circumference and thus offer the ideal fit.
And the best thing about our fixing loops:we use two silicone bands for even more support. Thus, the belt can neither slide up nor down.
With the conventional bracelets usually no or only 1 silicone band is used!

Ideal for all situations

There are many situations in which you want more protection and safety for the sensor or Omnipod: in the swimming pool, in hot temperatures, when romping with the children or during sports.
The armband does not apply and is ideal for wearing under clothing. Due to the soft material, the fixation feels pleasantly light.

Suitable for all blood glucose sensors and patch pumps

The sensor protection band is 10 cm high and thus offers enough protection for the following devices:

  • Freestyle Libre 1, 2 and 3
  • Dexcom G4/G5/G6
  • Enlite Guardian
  • Ascensia Eversense XL

Handmade with love in Germany

  • All arm loops are lovingly handmade
  • High quality standards
  • Made in Germany (right here with us in beautiful Bamberg)

Are you looking for an accessory bag for daily diabetes needs?

In our category

“Diabetes Bags”

you will find a large number of bags for different projects and preferences!

Cleaning of sensor protection wristbands

The arm loops can be cleaned at a maximum of 30°C in the washing machine.


Gewicht: 0,1 kg
Größe: 15 × 11 × 1 cm


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