About us

At Diasticker, our goal is to make life with diabetes more beautiful.

We at diasticker.de would like to give diabetics the opportunity to beautify their most important tools. For this purpose, we offer colorful and individual stickers and fixation patches for blood glucose meters, sensors and insulin pumps of well-known brands such as Freestyle Libre, Omnipod and Dexcom. These stickers are the centerpieces of our online store. Whether flowery playful or classic – the motifs radiate joie de vivre and confidence.


All stickers are both waterproof and UV resistant.

Great Selection

for all age types and preferences. A colorful selection for guys and girls!

Worldwide Shipping

No matter USA or China, we offer you affordable worldwide shipping.

From & For diabetics

We know what we are talking about, because we are affected ourselves.

Our Team

Carina Nüßlein



Charming, hard-working, talkative, intelligent, curious and ambitious – that’s how the team describes the Diasticker founder. Why did Carina start the online store? Because she was tired of being constantly asked about the “white thing” on her upper arm. So she covered the sensor with homemade stickers – and the idea was born.

Diasticker Timo


Girl for everything

The only man in our company always steps in when we get stuck: He is an IT specialist, a print specialist, a dispatch manager and, above all, a lion tamer. He has been with us since the very beginning and is always there when you need him (well, admittedly, you have to force his hand now and then). A “no” is rarely part of his vocabulary, which is why he is irreplaceable for us.

Ramona Bauer



The helpful sales fairy not only handles customer inquiries and orders, she is also a true miracle at packing and shipping the Diasticker products. No one manages to bag the waterproof fixation patches faster than Ramona – and with an extra large portion of love.



Nadine was already one of Carina’s favorite colleagues in the past, so it made sense to recruit her for Diasticker as well. With her experience she is an enrichment for all of us. Our sales genius is very active in her free time, goes climbing, rides her bike a lot and goes to the gym.



Our youngest Diasticker member is Theresa. The lively 26-year-old takes care of order processing – from invoicing to shipping. It’s striking how much passion Theresa puts into her work. Above all, the varied tasks are the driving force for her and always a reason to have a smile on her face.

Milo & Lilly

Our fluffiest Diasticker members

Milo and Lilly are the youngest in the Diasticker team. Cuddly and sweet as sugar, they attract attention. And when Carina doesn’t have time for them, no furniture is safe from them.

Über 800 positive Bewertungen bei Trusted Shops

“great selection, sticker quality very good – both from the print and colors and how it sticks. Delivery arrived at home quickly. Very happy to return. Super that there are such slide stickers :D”

Sonja G. – 07/02/2019

“I had already made acquaintance with Diasticker when I still had the Libre. Now when I was looking for a new protective film for the Dexcom, I came across Diasticker again and found exactly what I was looking for. And at a super reasonable price.”

Almut S. – 05/12/2019

“It’s always great to order from Diasticker. The merchandise arrives quickly and peps up the accessories for diabetics.
Thank you guys so much for being around.”

Ines G. – 04.06.2019